I'll be posting pages from the book here - both colored and uncolored. I'll also post pages colored by fans of Color Me Stoned.

Y is for Yogi Diesel

sativa-dominant hybrid

Bold and skunky with a whiff of diesel fuel aroma, Yogi Diesel is an herb know for its balance. It is both mentally invigorating and physically energizing. The taste of this strain from Northern California is a lively mix of pine and spicy lemon. Its nugs are a vivid green with red and orange hairs.

Yogi Diesel
Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
 - Confucious
Colored by Donna LoCicero

Acapulco Gold

One of the most famous strains of all time, Acapulco Gold often impresses connoisseurs of cannabis. This plant has a

golden hue, green and brown buds and an aroma like burnt toffee. The main reason for its popularity is its wonderfully complex flavor. Some compare the experience of smoking it with dinner at a 5-star restaurant. Because of its long grow time, Acapulco Gold has become increasinly difficult to find.

How many can say that there is or is not a truth beyond?

        - unknown Aztec poet

Dragon's Breath

sativa-dominant hybrid



Dragon's Breath has large forest green buds with little amber hairs. Its aroma is spicy with a sour twang. With its blissfully relaxed and 

talkative high, it's a good strain of cannabis for daytime.

The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon. 

        - Olenna Tyrell, Game of Thrones

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