I'm a documentary filmmaker and I live in San Francisco, home to some of the best cannabis in the world.


I’m a bit surprised to have created something like this – especially about marijuana. Until very recently, I hadn’t smoked since I was a teen. But after a couple of decades making documentaries, I found myself gravitating toward doing something completely different - something more mellow for a spell. And this is definitely that! I’ve had a blast drawing and doing research. I'll be talking about those adventures in the coming days. 

This project also brings out the documentarian in me. The cannabis universe is shifting dramatically. It's legal -  or about to become legal - in a number of states. Medical marijuana is legal in others. Right now medical research is amping up, big business is trying to muscle in and the small growers are making plans to hang on through these massive changes. The weed itself is very different than when I was young.

I'm gonna be posting about these things - and having fun in this colorful world. So come back and check this site for updates!

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