Color Me Stoned is a coloring book like no other. Fun and informative, it's an adult's A to Z of different cannabis strains, ranging from the classic Acapulco Gold to the slammin' body high of Zombie OG.  Whether you're a lifelong connoisseur, cannabis-curious or simply the proud owner of a big box of crayons, you'll have fun with this hand-drawn, stony-inspired book. 

Check out the sample below.


I'm hoping you find as much joy coloring this book  as I did creating it.

Peace, Love and Colorful Cannabis!

Donna LoCicero

More than an excellent coloring book



What an amazing work of art in itself! I can't wait to get to get started on this book

Laura Davenport

My 83 year old mother-in-law is powering through your pot book. Said it's her favorite book and she does them a lot.  Might need a sequel.

Wally Smith

One of the most famous strains of all time, Acapulco Gold impresses herbal connoisseurs. The experience of smoking it has been compared to dinner at a 5-star restaurant. Its wonderfully complex flavor is the main reason for its popularity. Its aroma is like burnt toffee. The plant has a golden hue with green and brown buds.  Because of its long grow time, Acapulco Gold has become increasingly difficult to


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